Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 23rd March 2021 | Win: Gems, Vouchers & Prizes

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 23rd March 2021 | Win: Gems, Vouchers & Prizes

Flipkart Daily Trivia is a very famous and interesting quiz where you can win gift vouchers, gems, and many other attractive gifts by just answering 5 simple questions.

Going crazy to find the right answers to that quiz? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are all the latest and RIGHT ANSWERS to the Flipkart daily Trivia Quiz of 20.03.21. Play the quiz, submit the right answers right now and get a chance to win interesting gifts like Flipkart super coins, gift vouchers, etc.

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Daily Trivia Quiz

Details Of The Quiz

Name:- Daily Trivia
Prizes:- Gems, Vouchers & Prizes
Question-Based On:- General Knowledge
Conducted By:- Flipkart App
Date & Timing:- Daily 12.00 Am To 11.59 Pm

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers 23rd March:


Ans: Rachel


Ans: CinemaScope


Ans:  Harvey Weinstein


Ans: Beethoven


Ans: Fight Club

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OLD Answers

22nd March 2021


Ans: Xbox


Ans: Commando




Ans: 99 ACRE


Ans: Manipuri

21st March 2021


Ans: Zeus


Ans: Wrestling


Ans: Japan


Ans: England


Ans: American Football

20th March 2021

Q1: In the Salman Khan film Partner, Rajpal Yadav played the role of

Ans: Chhota Don

Q2: Which Adele song broke a YouTube record by receiving a billion views in 87 days?

Ans: Hello

Q3: Who among these will be a part of the Aamir Khan film Laal Singh Chaddha?

Ans: Vijay Sethupathi

Q4: How do we know The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Award?

Ans: Webby Awards

Q5: Which cartoon character’s name has been inspired by a Frank Sinatra song?

Ans: Scooby Doo

19th March 2021

Q1: In Hindu mythology, how many husbands does Draupadi have?

Ans: 5 (Five

Q2: Which of these production houses was dissolved by its owners in October 2018?

Ans: Phantom Films

Q3: The Japanese wine Sake is primarily made of fermented

Ans: Rice

Q4: Which sage was the writer of the foundational ayurvedic work of ‘Bhela Samhita’?

Ans: Rishi Atreya

Q5: Which of these country’s only land borders is with England?

Ans: Scotland

18th March 2021

Q1: Which Indian was named the ICC Emerging Player of the Year at the 2018 ICC Awards?


Q2: With which team did Pele begin his club career in 1956?


Q3: Which New Zealand spinner is the spin bowling coach of Bangladesh since July 2019?


Q4: Who won gold in the 10m air pistol in the ISSF World Cup 2019 in Putian, China?


Q5: In which country was the world’s oldest golf organization was formed in 1744?


17th March 2021

Q1: In 3 idiots, R. Madhavan’s character wants to be a __ instead of an engineer.

Ans: Photographer

Q2: In which Ghanta Awards Worst Film of the Year did Saif play a triple role?

Ans: Humshakals

Q3: For which film did Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Academy Award?

Ans: The Revenant

Q4: Who among these actors made his Bollywood debut in ‘Godmother’?

Ans: Sharman Joshi

Q5: Amitabh Bachchan has not sung which of these holy songs?

Ans: Holi ke din: Sholay

16th March 2021

Q1: Which Microsoft software shares its name with the production house owned by Farhan Akhtar?

Ans: Excel

Q2: Who is the first person to be declared a ‘Fugitive Economic Offender’ in India?

Ans: Vijay Mallya

Q3: Which band became famous after the release of their album ‘The Joshua Tree’?

Ans: U2

Q4: Which company that began in 2008 was acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion in 2018?

Ans: Github

Q5: Captain Ahab is a tragic character from a famous work of literature written by

Ans: Herman Melville

15th March 2021

Q1: With which sport would you associate the Augusta Masters Tournament?

Ans: Golf

Q2: Which England batsman is the 2nd opener after Sunil Gavaskar to score 10,000 Test runs?

Ans: Alastair Cook

Q3: Who recently joined the list of Indian wicket-keepers with at least 100 test dismissals?

Ans: Wriddhiman Saha

Q4: Who is the fastest Indian bowler to take 100 ODI wickets?

Ans: Mohammed Shami

Q5: To which country does the current chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen belong?

Ans: Norway

14th March 2021

Q1: Shot in IIM-Bangalore, which film featured ‘Imperial College of Engineering’?

Ans: 3 Idiots

Q2: Who made her playback singing debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Devdas’?

Ans: Shreya Ghoshal

Q3: Which of these famous Hollywood movie directors has never won an Oscar?

Ans: Christopher Nolan

Q4: Who was the first chairman of Sangeet Natak Akademi?

Ans: Dr. P. V. Rajamannar

Q5: Which Vidya Balan film was a remake of the 2015 Bengali film Rajkahini?

Ans: Begum Jaan

13th March 2021

Q1: Which river flows beside the city of Ayodhya?


Q2: The grandson of which Pandava is worshipped as Khatushyamji?


Q3: Which hospital chain had a stamp issued by India Post in 2009?


Q4: The Magical Double Bass is the first novel of which series of novels?


Q5: Mary Kom won her 6th Boxing World Championship gold by defeating Hanna Okhota of


12th March 2021

Q1: Who is the first Indian bowler to take a hat-trick in an ODI?

Ans: Chetan Sharma

Q2: Which country’s prime minister attended the first day-night Test match played in India?

Ans: Bangladesh

Q3: Who has become the first bowler to concede over 200 runs in an innings thrice in Tests?

Ans: Yasir Shah

Q4: Who recently became the youngest cricketer to debut on Australian soil?

Ans: Naseem Shah

Q5: Which company manufactured the pink ball used for India’s first-ever Day-Night Test?

Ans: SG

11th March 2021

Q1: Ash Ketchum is the main character in which Japanese franchise?

Ans: Pokemon

Q2: Riddler, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy are the enemies of

Ans: Batman

Q3: Which sports film was based on life story of a sportsperson Mir Ranjan Negi?

Ans: Chak De! India

Q4: What name has been shared by 3 Bollywood films of 1980, 1999 and 2014?

Ans:  Khubsoorat

Q5: Which famous band founded ‘Apple Corps’, a multimedia company?

Ans: The Beatles

10th March 2021

Q1: Which artist painted the famous 1870 portrait of Shakuntala?

Ans: Raja Ravi Varma

Q2: Syndicate Bank has which of these animals in its logo

Ans: Dog

Q3: Which of these elements has the highest melting point?

Ans: Platinum

Q4: Who released the popular album Aafreen in 1986?

Ans:  Pankaj Udhas

Q5: In 1986, which of these companies launched its own clothing line?

Ans: Apple

09th March 2021

Q1: Which of these players announced his retirement in June 2019?

Ans: Yuvraj Singh

Q2: Which of these is a Premier Badminton League team?

Ans: Delhi Dashers

Q3: In which city is the football club Odisha FC based?

Ans: Bhubaneswar

Q4: Which American hurdler was named the World Athlete of Year 2019 by World Athletics?


Q5: Who is the 1st Kiwi wicketkeeper to hit a test double century?

Ans: BJ Watling

08th March 2021

Q1: Comedian Cyrus Broacha was the host of which MTV show?

Ans: MTV Bakra

Q2: If Carnatic music has Mridangam then what does Hindustani music have?


Q3: How many seasons of the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ were made?

Ans: 5

Q4: Which famous band has a song called ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’?

Ans:  U2

Q5: Which of these was India’s first crowdfunded movie?

Ans: Manthan

07th March 2021

Q1: Pondicherry, Mahe, Yanam, and Karaikal were colonies of which European country?

Ans: France

Q2: Which primate’s new species, Tapanuli, was described as a distinct species in 2017?

Ans: Orangutan

Q3: Which Nobel laureate is called ‘the father of the green revolution’?

Ans: Norman Borlaug

Q4: The famous Chakhesang shawls are made in which northeastern state?

Ans:  Nagaland

Q5: In which city was the religious organization ISKCON founded?

Ans: New York City

06th March 2021

Q1: Which of these countries is not a part of the West Indies cricket team?

Ans: Ghana

Q2: From 1930 to 1970 , which world cup’s winners were given the Jules Rimet Trophy ?

Ans: Football

Q3: Who recently became the fastest Indian bowler to take 250 wickets at home in Test cricket ?

Ans: R. Ashwin

Q4: After which NBA player is the bird in the logo of Twitter named ?

Ans: Larry Bird

Q5: For which popular NBA player was the nickname “His Airness” used?

Ans: Michael Jordan

05th March 2021

Q1: Which of the following term refers to the skilled singers of Indian Classical Music ?

Ans: Gandharv

Q2: Who was the subject of a Ketan Mehta biopic starring Aamir Khan?

Ans: Mangal Pandey

Q3: Which singer started with the group ‘The Wailers’ and is now a global icon?

Ans: Bob Marley

Q4: Javed Jaffrey is the son of which legendary comedian?

Ans: JagdeepHrithik Roshan

Q5: J. Om Prakash, an eminent producer and director is the maternal grandfather of

Ans: Hrithik Roshan

04th March2021

Q1: The Vice President of India is also the chairperson of what ?

Ans: Rajya Sabha

Q2: If you are standing facing the rising sun , what is the direction to your left ?

Ans: North

Q3: Which sultan of Delhi was bom as Fakhr Malik Jauna Khan ?

Ans: Muhammad bin Tughluq

Q4: In 2018 , which country created a Blue Bond to raise money for maritime protection ?

Ans: Seychelles

Q5: The emblem of which state has a Mithun bison and the word ‘ Unity ‘ inscribed ?

Ans: Nagaland

03rd March 2021

Q1: Which of these martial art forms originated in Japan ?

Ans: Judo

Q2:  Who is the second Indian batsman to get his Test double century with a six ?

Ans: Mayank Agarwal

Q3: To which IPL team was Ajinkya Rahane recently traded by the Rajasthan Royals ?

Ans: Delhi Capitals

Q4:  What is the maximum points that can be scored with a basket in basketball ?

Ans: Three

Q5: Which NBA player was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr ?

Ans: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2nd March 2021

Q1: Who played the role of Ali Fazal’s father in the film Prassthanam?

Ans: Sanjay Dutt 

Q2: Which actor hails from Gopalganj and went to NSD before being cast in the film Run?

Ans: Pankaj Tripathi

Q3: Musician duo Hariharan and Lesle Lewis are collectively known as

Ans: Colonial Cousins

Q4: Pirates of Silicon Valley is a 1999 film based on the rivalry between

Ans: B Gates And S jobs

Q5: Which iconic Bollywood film has been remade in Hollywood as ‘Broken Horses’?

Ans: Parinda

01st March 2021

Q1: On which country’s flag would you find the famous Angkor Wat temple?

Ans: Cambodia

Q2: The sister of which actress recently wrote the book I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier?

Ans: Alia Bhatt 

Q3: 1 Astronomical Unit roughly corresponds to the distance between

Ans: Sun and Earth

Q4: On the packaging of what product would you see a girl named Tarangini Mitra?

Ans: Nirma

Q5: What was the reclamation project of the islands of Bombay called?

Ans: Hornby Vellard

28th Feb 2021

Q1: Who is the first Indian to get to a double century in a Test with a six?

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Q2: After which Indian prime minister is the largest indoor sports arena of India named?

Ans: Indira Gandhi 

Q3: After which princely state’s ruler is the Sawai Mansingh Stadium named?

Ans: Jaipur

Q4: Who owns the land on which the iconic Kolkata stadium Eden Gardens stands?

Ans: Indian Army

Q5: Madhukar is the middle name of which Indian cricketer?

Ans: Ajinkya Rahane

27th Feb 2021

Q1: In which film does Vicky Kaushal play the role of Alia Bhatt’s husband?

Ans: Raazi

Q2: The sequel of the film Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is titled Shubh Mangal Saavdhan.

Ans: Zyada

Q3: Name the 1996 film by Gulzar based on the Punjab insurgency of 1980s.

Ans: Maachis

Q4: The line ‘Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free’ is from which film?

Ans: Shawshank Redemption

Q5: Mann Ki Lagan’ from the film Paap was the Bollywood debut of which singer?

Ans: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

26th Feb 2021

Q1: Which of these popular mobile apps is not owned by Google?

Ans: Facebook

Q2: What part of the plant do we eat when we eat carrots?

Ans: Root

Q3: Which country has shifted its capital 7 times with the current one since 1990?

Ans: Germany

Q4: Who was the Foreign Minister in Mughal emperor Akbar’s court?

Ans: Birbal

Q5: What Google developed AI identifies “potentially unsafe” restaurants?


25th Feb 2021

Q1: Which of these wrestlers made her MMA debut at One Championship’s Age of Dragons event?

Ans: Ritu Phogat

Q2: After whom is the Lifetime Achievement Award given by BCCI named?

Ans: C. K. Nayudu

Q3: Where did Afghanistan and India play their 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying match?

Ans: Dushanbe

Q4: Which journalist recently resigned from his post of DDCA president?

Ans: Rajat Sharma

Q5: On which IPL team’s logo can you see the letters ‘K. J. H. P. H.’?

Ans: Kings XI Punjab

24th Feb 2021

Q1: Which of these is a Netflix series starring Mithila Palkar?

Ans: Little Things

Q2: How is Robert Allen Zimmerman better known to us from the world of music

Ans: Bob Dylan

Q3: In Bala, Yami Gautam plays the role of a TikTok star and Bhumi Pednekar plays a

Ans: Lawyer

Q4: In the film ‘War’ Hrithik Roshan plays the role of __ Kabir Luthra.

Ans: Major

Q5: The Bollywood debut of which of these film personalities was directed by David Dhawan?

Ans: Tapsee Pannu

23th Feb 2021

Q1: In which language did Tulsidas write the epic poem Ramcharitmanas?

Ans: Awadhi

Q2: The death of the last exponent Ishwari Prasad in 1950 led to the decline of

Ans: Company Paintings

Q3: Which town was created by Sir Frederick Lawley, a fictional British officer?

Ans: Malgudi

Q4: American archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered which wonder of the world?

Ans: Machu Picchu

Q5: Which country abolished Jus Soli, or Birthright Citizenship, in December 2004

Ans: India

22th Feb 2021

Q1: The IAAF recently officially changed its name to what among these?

Ans: World Athletics

Q2: In which country the sport of sumo wrestling originate?

Ans: Japan

Q3: A cricket stadium in which of these cities is named after a former Indian hockey player?

Ans: Gwalior

Q4: Who recently set the record for the highest score in T10 League history?

Ans: Chris Lynn

Q5: For which team is Yuvraj Singh playing in the 2019 T10 League?

Ans: Maratha Arabiar

21st Feb 2021

Q1: In the Welcome series of films, if Anil Kapoor is Majnu Bhai then Nana Patekar is

Ans: Uday Bhai

Q2: In the 2009 Bollywood film Aladin, who played the role of Genie?

Ans: Amitabh Bachchan

Q3: What was legendary actor Sunil Dutt’s profession before becoming an actor?

Ans: Radio Jockey

Q4: Who was named world’s 1st billionaire rapper by Forbes magazine in a cover story?

Ans: Jay-Z

Q5: In which of these classic Bollywood films the villain does not die?

Ans: Sholay

20th Feb 2021

Q1: Who Is The Current Chief Justice Of India?

Ans: Sharad Bobde

Q2: What Is The Hemispherical Pan Used In Southeast Asian Cooking Called?

Ans: Wok

Q3: Vimana, Jagamohana, Natamandira And Bhoga- Mandapa Are The Four Components Of

Ans: Lingaraj Temple

Q4: Also Known As The Yumthang Valley, Where Is The Valley Of Flowers Sanctuary?

Ans: Sikkim

Q5:  Which Chief Minister Of West Bengal Helped Satyajit Ray In Making Pather Panchali?

Ans: B.C. Roy

19th Feb 2021

Q1: A Ball Of What Colour Is Used In A Day/Night Test Match?

Ans: Pink

Q2: In Which Country Is The Ten-Over Cricket League T10 League Held?

Ans: UAE

Q3: State Owned Companies From Which Country Sponsor The Professional Cycling Team ‘Astana’?

Ans: Kazakhstan

Q4: Which Country Hosted The First-Ever FIFA World Cup Held In The Year 1930?

Ans: Uruguay

Q5:  Which Is The Only Country To Play In Every FIFA World Cup?

Ans: Brazil

18th Feb 2021

Q1: Which Actor Played The Role Of Both The Superheroes Deadpool And Green Lantern?

Ans: Ryan Reynolds

Q2: The 2019 Film Pet Sematary Is Based On A Book Written By

Ans: Stephen King

Q3: Ajay Devgn’s Father Shared His Name With Which Character In The Film Sholay?

Ans: Veeru

Q4: Before Foraying In Films, Show ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil’, Was Seen In The TV

Ans: Sushant Singh Rajput

Q5: In The 1992 Film Shola Aur Shabnam, Govinda Did Not Contribute As A

Ans: Producer

17th Feb 2021

Q1: Who Was The First CM To Have Laid Down His Papers To Assume The Role Of The PM?

Ans: H. D. Deve Gowda

Q2: What Region Of India Was Called Frederiksoerne During The Danish Rule?

Ans: Nicobar Islands

Q3: Parda, Dandi, Gullu And Kunti Are Some Parts Of Which Instrument?

Ans: Sitar

Q4: What Was The Small Pocket In Jeans Originally Designed To Carry?

Ans: Watch

Q5: Which Dessert’s Invention Is Claimed By Nigel Mackenzie And Lan Dowding?

Ans: Banoffee Pie

16th Feb 2021

Q1: Which TV Cookery Show Featured Farah Khan As The Host With Celebrity Guests?

Ans: Farah Ki Dawat

Q2: Who Is Nobita’s Love Interest In The Anime Doraemon?

Ans: Shizuka

Q3: Who Among These Appeared In The Music Video ‘Gorilla’ By Bruno Mars?

Ans: Freida Pinto

Q4: Who Made Her Debut At The Age Of 4 In The 1967 Tamil Movie ‘Kandhan Karunai’?

Ans: Sridevi

Q5: Which Fictional Character’s Alter Ego Works As A Photographer In Aaj Ki Aawaz?

Ans: Shaktimaan

15th Feb 2021

Q1: Which TV Cookery Show Featured Farah Khan As The Host With Celebrity Guests?

Ans: Farah Ki Dawat

Q2: Who Is Nobita’s Love Interest In The Anime Doraemon?

Ans: Shizuka

Q3: Who Among These Appeared In The Music Video ‘Gorilla’ By Bruno Mars?

Ans: Freida Pinto

Q4: Who Made Her Debut At The Age Of 4 In The 1967 Tamil Movie ‘Kandhan Karunai’?

Ans: Sridevi

Q5: Which Fictional Character’s Alter Ego Works As A Photographer In Aaj Ki Aawaz?

Ans: Shaktimaan

14th Feb 2021

Q1: Also Known As Ayers Rock, Uluru Is A Sandstone Rock In Which Country?

Ans: Australia

Q2: In Christianity, Which Is The First Book In The Old Testament?

Ans: Genesis

Q3: Horology Is The Study Of What Everyday Observation?

Ans: Time

Q4: Capoeira Is A Martial Art From Which Football Loving Country?

Ans: Brazil

Q5: How Many Members Are There In The Election Commission Of India?

Ans: Three

13th Feb 2021

Q1: Who Led The Kolkata Knight Riders To Victory In The 2012 And 2014 IPL Seasons?

Ans: Gautam Gambhir

Q2: With Whom Did Virat Kohli Share A Record 229-Run Partnership In The 2016 IPL?

Ans: AB De Villiers

Q3: Which Is The Largest Stadium In India By Seating Capacity?

Ans: Salt Lake Stadium

Q4: Which Swimmer Was The First Indian To Win A Gold Medal In The Asian Games?

Ans: Sachin Nag

Q5: For Which Sport Did Homi Motivala And Pushpendra Kumar Garg Win Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?

Ans: Yachting

12th Feb 2021

Q1: The Character ‘Ethan Hunt’ Is Associated With Which Film Series?

Ans: Mission Impossible

Q2: Smells Like Teen Spirit Is A Song By Which American Rock Band?

Ans: Nirvana

Q3: Which Film Was Being Screened When The Uphaar Cinema Fire Tragedy Took Place?

Ans: Border

Q4: Which Of These Widely Popular TV Characters Is A Nuclear Safety Inspector?

Ans: Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Q5: Which Of These Widely Popular TV Characters Is A Nuclear Safety Inspector?

Ans: Homer Simpson

11th Feb 2021

Q1: Ekalavya Was The Cousin Of Which Famous Character In The Mahabharata?

Ans: Krishna

Q2: Which Lake In Sikkim Is Named After Guru Rinpoche, Founder Of Tibetan Buddhism?

Ans: Gurudongmar

Q3: Helicopter Services Company Pawan Hans Is Owned By The Indian Government And


Q4: Which Company Is The Owner Of The Air Purifier Brand Blueair?

Ans: Unilever

Q5: Which Of These European Countries Borders Only One Country?

Ans: Denmark

10th Feb 2021

Q1: Which Football Club Contests The Kolkata Derby With Long-Time Rivals East Bengal?

Ans: Mohun Bagan

Q2: Who Gives The Points For The Fair Play Award In The IPL?

Ans: Umpires

Q3: Who Is The First Indian Woman To Win An Olympic Medal?

Ans: Karnam Malleshwari

Q4: Which Swimmer From West Bengal Was The First Indian To Cross The English Channel?

Ans: Mihir Sen

Q5: Which Australian Bowler Gave The Nickname Jinx To Cricketer Ajinkya Rahane?

Ans: Shane Warne

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